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For centuries, people from all walks of life have had experiences that defy explanation—strange lights in the night sky, ghostly apparitions, brushes with bizarre creatures. Tales of alien encounters, Bigfoot sightings and other paranormal activity have long been the fodder of Hollywood blockbusters, but thousands of people have had real-life experiences that can't be easily explained. If you've had such an odd encounter, we want to hear your story. Whether they're sightings of UFOs, a real ghost story, a glimpse of an unknown animal, or some other unexplained mystery, submit your encounter and compare notes with others who have had similar experiences.

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Whether it's a Bigfoot sighting or a glimpse of El Chupacabra, look for their stories here.
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See eerie images of ghosts and read spine-tingling real ghost story accounts from those who've lived to tell the tale.
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Are UFOs real? You be the judge. Check out amazing real UFO videos and read first-hand accounts.