Marble Mountain Bigfoot Video

In the northernmost part of California lie the Marble Mountains, a densely forested area where whispers of Bigfoot are as commonplace as the trees. Here, in a desolate area just north of Mt. Shasta, a young Christian youth group on a backpacking trip stumbled over what appeared to be a shelter--a shelter for something very large. It was made of trees that, instead of being cut by man-made tools, were literally snapped by something incredibly strong.

20 Miles from the nearest road, the group spotted a strange figure walking the ridge line about a mile away. It stood much taller than any man, with long arms dangling below its waist, and appeared to be covered in a thick fur. The sun was low on the horizon, casting the figure in silhouette, but it was clear that finding the boys in its camp had made the beast extremely agitated.

The video was shot by the Campus Life youth group leader, the late Jim Mills. Following the event, teams of researchers were choppered in to examine the site. After carefully reviewing the video and the surrounding area, they estimated the size of the creature to be approximately eight feet tall, weighing nearly 700 pounds.

The footage remained underground until Jim Mills' recent death and was finally uncovered in the Summer of 2011, a decade after it was shot. Reportedly, investigators from the Animal Planet network have viewed the tape and examined the area where the incident took place. Look for the Marble Mountain video to appear in a "Finding Bigfoot" Halloween special this October.

Video © Jim Mills and Nevada County CA Campus Life.
Special thanks to PurpleWookies.