Real Ghost Photos:
Salem Cemetery

As the first chill of October descended upon New England, Lacey A. and her husband found themselves at one of the country's most sinister spots: The Burying Point in Salem, Massachusetts. This cemetery, the second oldest in the nation, is littered with crumbling tombstones from as far back as the seventeenth century. The grounds hold the cold and shriveled corpses of those condemned during the Salem Witch Trials, and some swear that more than their bones still linger here.

Real Ghost Photo
Mysterious orbs hover in the darkness above the tombstones of the Salem Cemetery. Photo © Lacey A.

Taking part in a candlelit tour, Lacey and her husband made their way along the old graveyard while clutching a small, flickering candle to illuminate their path. Their tourguide regaled them with ghost stories, noting that, come nightfall, the cemetery gates are locked tight.

Wanting to document the experience, Lacey began to take photos and was startled by what she found on her camera's screen. There, hovering above the tombstones all around her, were strange balls of light — cemetery orbs lurking in the darkness just beyond her reach.

Real Ghost Photo
The spectral figure of a bald man staring back as well as cemetery orbs floating above the tombstones while a ghostly fog rises from the graves can be seen in this eye witness photo taken in the Salem Cemetery. Photo © Lacey A.

Upon leaving the graveyard, Lacey downloaded her photos to her laptop and was astonished by what she found. In a window of the dilapidated house adjacent to the graveyard, she discovered a face peering back at her. Lacey describes a "black figure with a bald head" watching her from the darkness of the empty house. In the left of the photo, what Lacey describes as a "weird fog" can be seen rising from the graveyard. "When we were there that day in the light I saw nothing in those windows. I didn't notice the face/figure until I loaded the photos into my laptop," Lacey said.

Centuries may have passed since the witch trials took place, but to this day, people are still coming face to face with the paranormal in the Salem cemetery.