Terror in the Tattoo Parlor

On the outskirts of Sacramento is the burgeoning city of Roseville, California. Much of the area is a prime example of a modern city, but some of Old Town Roseville's buildings date back to the early 1900's while a few original structures have stood since the Gold Rush era. Against a backdrop of modern architecture, these long-standing wooden buildings seem to harbor forgotten secrets within their peeling walls. Wild Bill's Tattoo Parlor resided in just such a building, and it apparently held frightening secrets all its own.

A menancing ghost, eyes filled with hatred, stared at him.
Witnesses swear there are malevolent ghosts that dwell within the walls of the old hotel.

Mick S. relates a chilling experience that occurred in 1991. "I had a girlfriend, Terri, that was a tattoo artist. She worked in a tattoo parlor/photography studio in this turn-of-the-century 27-room hotel. The decor in this place was somewhat unnerving—a portrait of Hitler, a terrarium with live scorpions in it, and a human skull.

Terri told me that many a tough-guy biker type claimed to have had strange experiences while spending the night in the old hotel. One gentleman told of an odd encounter on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, an encounter that compelled him to turn around, go back to his room, and 'hold it' until morning.

One night I was at my father's house for dinner when the phone rang. It was Terri, calling from the old hotel, hysterical. The power had gone out and her keys were down the hall, out of reach somewhere in the darkness. I remember being annoyed at the fact that she was so terrified of the dark. To calm her, I told her I was on my way, and my father and I began the drive from Orangevale to Roseville, maybe 35 minutes. We arrived to find the entire city was pitch black. We pulled up in front and I climbed the steps to the old hotel lobby.

Just beyond the doorway, I found Terri curled up in the fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably, rocking back and forth. Taking charge, I shined my flashlight toward a curtain that separated the lobby from the hallway and moved through it. As I looked toward the kitchen I saw something that terrified me and filled my soul with dread. What I saw was inexplicable; my mind was simply unable to process it: There, looming before me, was a man with a long beard wearing coveralls, staring at me. He projected absolute hatred into my body. As I shined my light on him I could see the kitchen sink and refrigerator right through him!

I walked another eight feet to where Terri's keys were, grabbed them, and walked back down the hall, careful not to look toward the kitchen again. I picked up her shaking body and helped her down the stairs and into her car. Nothing was said the entire way home.

Later I tried to broach the subject with her, just to assure myself that I wasn't crazy or in some mind-altered state. She told me that the whole time she was waiting for me she was sitting on the floor and could see his boots underneath the curtain.

Oh yes, I am most definitely a believer and have had two other experiences since then. Another time..."