Whispers in the Kingston Tunnel

Just north of the U.S./Canadian border, where Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence River, lies Kingston, Ontario. Established in the 17th Century, this historic town has seen generation after generation of souls come and go. Yet apparently, some linger longer than others. It was one of these lingering souls that Roger S. and his girlfriend encountered one dark, moonless night. Roger begins:

The whispers of a murdered woman still echo in the Kingston tunnel.
Some say the whispers of a murdered woman still echo in the Kingston tunnel.

"I was walking with my girlfriend through an old tunnel which was used by horse-drawn carriages in the old days. Today it serves as the entrance to a restaurant." He and his girlfriend stood in the shadowy tunnel, talking, when suddenly Roger felt a subtle shove, as if someone had bumped into him. As they stood there, he became aware of of a voice calling to him from the blackness of the tunnel. "I stopped and looked around and said, 'What was that?' to my friend." Wide-eyed, she replied, ''I don't know" as the two of them stood, straining to hear in the darkness. A moment later they scurried into the warm glow of the restaurant, peering behind them as they hurried inside.

A few years later, Roger had nearly forgotten about the incident when he happened upon a broadcast of the television program Ghostly Encounters. This particular episode showcased a haunting in Kingston, in the very same tunnel he and his girlfriend had had their eerie experience. The show revealed the tragic story of a woman who was murdered in the shadows of the tunnel. Her lifeless body was cut up and hidden in the cement used to form the tunnel's walls. Over the years, unnerved witnesses have reported hearing a woman's voice whispering from the depths of the tunnel, "Where are my bones? Help me find my bones!"

Stunned, Roger watched the story unfold. Standing in that very tunnel, he too had heard the murdered woman's disembodied voice. "I say this with my hand on the Bible," Roger vows with a slight tremble in his voice.