More UFO Sightings in San Angelo

There's no denying it. Something mysterious is happening in the skies above San Angelo, Texas, making it one of the world's hotspots for UFO sightings.

San Angelo UFO
"I kept gazing into the sky and saw a very, very bright light." - Matthew L.

Our latest San Angelo UFO report comes from Matthew L., who is the latest to witness something inexplicable in the Texas night sky.

On the evening of July 9, 2013, Matthew was in his back yard watering plants when he heard a loud roar come from above. He had heard the roar earlier that evening, and had attributed it to an aircraft associated with the nearby Goodfellow Air Force Base. To Matthew's ears, the roar "sounded like maybe an aircraft very high up with huge engines." This time, Matthew tried to find the source of the noise, and looking skyward, saw what he describes as "a very high-altitude aircraft with the standard strobe light on it." Matthew continues: "I did not see what type of aircraft, but I am sure it was one of ours. What I noticed besides the roar was the speed. The strobe light moved across the sky pretty fast. So I figured supersonic jet or something like that."

It was then that Matthew witnessed something strange in the darkening skies. "I kept gazing into the sky and saw a very, very bright light. The first second I saw it I assumed Venus, or North Star, or a very bright star. But, just seconds later, it blanked out. Now it was not a 'snuff out' like a meteor or comet, it just blanked out instantly, in just milliseconds. I could see the brightest star in the sky out yonder, but this light was many times brighter. What caught my attention was the blanking out rate. It just turned off."

Standing there in the twilight, Matthew thought to himself, "That cannot be a star." He tried to make sense of it, comparing it to known terrestrial vehicles. "I do not think it was an aircraft turning off its high-intensity light. It was real high for a copter. I have seen many search lights in the sky, being originally from Southern California, and have seen many police copters searching. This was very, very high. Thousands of feet for sure."

What exactly Matthew saw remains a mystery. "This day I just happened to look up, like more of us should do once in a while, and saw something. Who knows??"