UFOs Return to San Angelo

Recently, the quiet Central West Texas town of San Angelo has become a hotbed of UFO activity as more and more of its citizens have come forward to report sightings of strange lights in the night sky. Johnny G. is the latest to report a UFO over his Texas town.

Shortly after sunset on the evening of January 4, Johnny was startled to see a white light moving in small circular motions. According to Johnny, it headed south from the north part of town, flying over San Angelo. "I saw it and called for my wife to come outside," Johnny writes. "She saw it as well. Single light, no noise, no other blinking lights. Looked like a bright star." Besides his wife, his sighting was corroborated by a third witness. "The friend my wife was talking to over the phone went outside and saw it as well from her house."

This isn't the first time Johnny has observed unexplained flying objects. "About three months ago I saw three lights moving parallel to each other. They were heading north that time. Single white lights making no noise and having no other blinking lights."

Trying to determine whether the peculiar lights could have been run-of-the-mill, terrestrial crafts, Johnny compared them to the regular air traffic seen in the vicinity. "We routinely have the local hospital chopper fly low around town, but it makes noise and has other lights. No way were the lights I've been seeing a helicopter. We also have an airport, but the same goes; these lights were definitely not that of a plane."

While the origin of these lights remains a mystery, one thing is certain: the residents of San Angelo are keeping a watchful eye on the night sky.