Strange Bruising in Pointe du Chene

Canadian Michelle G. is no stranger to mysterious unidentified flying objects. In the quiet cottage town of Pointe du Chene, she has had odd encounters with UFOs several times over the last two decades. The first of these sightings occurred in February of 1991. Around 10:30 on a cold Sunday night, Michelle witnessed "a hovering triangular craft, at the height of a telephone pole, 300 feet away. We watched it for about 45 minutes. It had three bright white lights, one in each corner with a red pulsing light in the center of it. It made no sound." This was her first sighting but by no means her last.

Shortly thereafter Michelle had a daytime sighting. She describes the UFO as a "white disk floating by me and my daughter as I pushed her on the swing." Things remained quiet for the next fifteen years or so but then UFO sightings became a common occurrence. Since October 2007 Michelle and her husband have had approximately 30 UFO sightings, most of which have occurred in the last two or three years.

Strange bruises
The strange bruising on Michelle and her husband's legs. Note the odd formation of circular bruises on Michelle's leg (left), and the strange patterns embedded in her husband's bruise.

In the summer of 2010, the strange sightings began to intensify. Not only did they become more frequent, but physical symptoms began to emerge. "We both have had strange bruises appear on our bodies with no recollection of how they got there," says Michelle. "Mine were brown, the size of a nickel, and when they started to fade you could see four red puncture marks in a square configuration. I had three in all, at different times, and all on my left side. My husband had two huge purple bruises on his right thigh on two different occasions. They were bigger than his hand and had strange designs on them. I was the one who noticed the bruises when he was shaving in the morning. My bruises appeared on my left wrist, left upper arm, and one on my left inner thigh. I did some research on abductees' bruises or marks. I found a website and was shocked when I saw the same bruises as mine."

Besides the bruising, Michelle has had other unexplainable experiences. "I have woken up in the middle of the living room floor, sitting with my legs crossed, and not known how I got there."

Despite her desire to document these sightings, so far Michelle has had no luck. "I do not have any UFO pics yet. Every time we have a sighting, either I forget to bring my camera outside while we are stargazing or it’s too dark and my camera doesn't pick it up."

Unlike many people who have had similar experiences, Michelle is unafraid. "I feel blessed to have had so many sightings. We keep our eyes on the skies and often get lucky! We have seen things that we just can’t explain and they're often jaw-dropping!"