San Angelo UFO Mystery Deepens

Something that defies explanation is happening in the small Texas town of San Angelo. A steady stream of UFO sightings is being reported, where a growing number of witnesses have seen strange lights in the night sky. Our latest report comes from Angela, who on the evening of February 23, 2012, had an unforgettably mystifying encounter.

San Angelo UFOs
"We noticed two bright, white lights, shaped like a circle."

Angela, her children and her boyfriend were making their way down an isolated stretch of Highway 87 near their rural home in Carlsbad, just outside of San Angelo, Texas, when they spotted something odd in the sky. "We noticed two bright, white lights, shaped like a circle. If they weren't so low, I would have passed them off as stars, but they were lower and brighter than stars. I noticed them just hovering in the sky—not moving—just hovering there. As we turned down our road, we noticed that one of the objects was slowly moving down. It was fairly close, so we drove along the back roads and realized that it was hovering over a mountain. As we drove closer we noticed it was indeed lower than all the stars. That's when we knew it wasn't a star."

They continued to drive slowly along a lonely back road, watching the UFO for another ten minutes. It was 9:27 p.m. Angela continues, "Suddenly we noticed a car coming up this back country road, coming toward us fast." They watched as a silver SUV sped closer, its headlights illuminating the roadway as it raced past them. "It was kinda weird seeing that car out here, as no one travels these roads at night." Angela didn't know it, but her experience was about to get even more bizarre.

"Not even a second later, I looked back and the car was gone! No tail lights, nothing. My boyfriend's eyes got huge and he said, 'Where did that car go???' I don't know where that car could have gone, because three blocks up it's a dead end. No turn-offs, nothing but a farm gate and a dead end sign."

"We turned back around and I kept my eye on the object while my boyfriend drove back toward our street. It was coming down lower and lower, like it was landing on top of that mountain. We watched it for about 20 to 30 minutes, but I don't know how long it was there before I noticed it. I want to say it was hovering lower and lower like it didn't want to grab anyone's attention."

"We got home, got the kids inside, and ran back out to keep a eye on the object, but by the time we got back out, it was gone."

Angela adds, "I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but we felt drawn to the light, like we couldn't keep our eyes off it. After it was gone I seemed to have a headache."

As she finished her stunning story, Angela recalled one more strange detail: "After we saw that car disappear and we turned around to head home, we caught groups of deer in the fields looking toward that mountain, watching. They weren't concerned with us, didn't even turn around. I am telling you, I was creeped out, but I will be waiting to see it again—this time with my camera in hand."