San Angelo UFO

Originally established as a fort to ward off hostile Indians, the Texas town of San Angelo is nestled beside the Concho River, which winds through the thousands of acres that make up the San Angelo State Park. It was during a visit to a particularly secluded area of the park that Chelcie N. experienced a night she will never forget.

On the night of October 15, 2011, Chelcie and her boyfriend had made their way up a lonely mountain road and were enjoying a star-filled autumn night, something they do frequently together. Sometime around 11 p.m., Chelcie noticed something strange moving through the dark sky. "It was a light flickering brightly. It moved in a zigzag across the sky, very fast. It never stopped flickering; it would just dim a little and then get bright again." The object moved much faster than any known terrestrial aircraft.

They stood staring, transfixed, for nearly ten minutes or so. "The object was just coming toward me, not landing, just flying right over me. For a minute I thought maybe it was a plane falling or getting ready to crash." As they watched the object's strange aerial maneuvers, a sudden sense of fear gripped them both and they fled. "We drove out of there as fast and as safe as we could."

The next day, Chelcie contacted Odd Encounters with her UFO report and concluded by saying, "I don't understand what I saw and I'm scared."